Isabelle Teran

Born in Mexico City in the ’80s. My true love is art and nature, I try to express this passion in many ways. I have dived into the depths of design, literature, photography, and now I have found food. I come from a multi-cultural family, my father is Mexican, my grandmother was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. I believe Oaxaca is the heart of the culinary world.

My mother was born in Kobe, Japan where she lived 13 years of her life and learned all about this culture. Her parents are both European. My grandfather Spanish and my grandmother German.

I like to call myself a “straight dog”, I feel like a belong nowhere but at the same, I belong everywhere. I married a french man, his family has taught a great deal about French cuisine, especially my mother-in-law, sacrée Marie Blanche. 

By tasting, smelling, reading, watching, and listening I have self-taught myself to cook. I found that the best flavours come from plants and the most challenging dishes are the ones the nurture body, soul and the planet.

Cooking with products that are in season, products that are clean and pure and respecting the cycle is the only way to save the future. We all have to eat, we all want to be healthy, we all want what is best. We just have to change ways, be more conscious of what we put in our mouth and in the mouth of the people we love. We need to show them we love them with food.